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The structure consists of a slab on grade with pier-supported structural steel.  The skin is CMU Block to 15’ with metal panels above and a TPO membrane roof.  While the skin of the building may seem plain, the interior is as intricate as a Swiss Watch.  The facility is designed to house and support highly specialized machinery and equipment.  There is a maze of underground tunnels, troughs and pits designed to carry chemical waste such as Cyanide, Liquid Nitrogen, Acid and other hazardous materials out of the building.  The equipment is supported by a supply side infrastructure that is designed to the highest tolerance.  Coordination and installation of the owner provided machinery and equipment is a key to the project’s success.

Location: Grand Prairie, TX
Size: 66,075 sq. ft.

Architect: Gideon Toal

Delivery Method: Lump Sum

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