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Halliburton Geo-Balance Test Lab is a ground up new construction, designed to house 3,359 SF of Office Space, 15,960 SF of Industrial Testing space, and Two 900 SF solid steel Explosion Proof testing chambers, attached to the end of the structure. An additional 16,500 SF of exterior work space is covered by integral structural canopies surrounding 50% of the building. The test facility includes multiple control rooms, a 250 SF twelve foot deep test pit with an additional 23 feet deep large diameter ¾” steel pipe for Drill Bit testing, 300 LF of traffic rated trench drains, and multi-level over-lapping bridge cranes. Key interior elements of the office feature locker rooms and a projectile-proof safety glass conference room that overlooks the industrial testing area.

Location: Carrollton, TX
Size: 21,119 sq. ft.

Architect: Gensler
Delivery Method: Competitive Select Bid

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