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We had to renovate an existing 6-screen movie theater into an athletic club.  Some of our biggest challenges were removing the interior structural walls and replacing them with steel columns and beams.  This required our team to install structural shoring throughout the building in order to tear down the existing walls and install the steel.  Another challenge was encountering an underground water source while excavating for the interior swimming pool.  This water delayed the process of the pool installation by a month.  Ultimately we installed an underground water observation well that allowed the end user to view the water level underground before draining the pool.  If the pool is drained with too much water under the pool bottom it could cause the pool to float, resulting in damage to the pool shell.

Location: Carrollton, TX
Size: 24,500 sq. ft

Architect: Chipman Adams, Ltd.
Delivery Method: Competitive Bid

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