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Our Pre-Construction Department is led by Johnny Rhea, Vice President and Partner. Johnny has fifteen years in the business encompassing an advantageous mixture of Operations and Estimating experience.   His knowledge building construction is invaluable in developing an accurate schedule and budget.   Johnny maintains FDC’s data base from historical projects built and budgeted.  All purposed to provide actionable information early in the project life cycle and set the course for success. 

The database includes offices, tilt wall warehouses, retail projects, interior finish projects and countless religious facilities. We can take very conceptual floor plans and ideas and translate those thoughts into conceptual, yet accurate, cost budgets. We often solicit the help of major trades to verify our pricing on major items such as MEP, steel, or concrete as well as any other major components. 


We can also provide preliminary construction schedules and budgets for a master plan and / or a project by phases.   We firmly feel if you take this step, it will not only give you very valuable information, but will also allow you a chance to get to know the FDC team. Once you have worked with us, we feel you will WANT to give us a chance to compete for the project.  It is our goal to perform and earn your trust and confidence.  Therefore, there is no commitment necessary on your part, we will earn that opportunity.


Thank you for taking the opportunity to read this message, as it is an integral insight to the philosophy of FDC. Quite simply, the subcontractors and the suppliers are the backbone and strength of the construction industry. No matter how strong a General Contractor, even with vast experience and top computer controls & scheduling skills, he CANNOT perform without the contribution of the subcontractors and suppliers on the team.

It is the responsibility of the General Contractor to allow you an opportunity to do your work productively and cost effectively. We must clear the trades in front of you as well as keep you clear from the following trades. We believe each of you fully intend to do quality work. Through pre-planning, proactive procurement, and good-clean access to the work areas, we will give you every opportunity to come out and perform. The quicker, smoother, better coordinated we get you in and out, the better for us all.

We believe in obtaining as much input from the subcontractor as possible in preparation of our schedules. We have hired you not just as an installer, but also as an expert in your field. We need to pull upon this expertise when we determine material procurement, the proper sequence, and the time involved with a quality installation. Sure, there must be give and take amongst the various trades to make the overall time frame for the project work, but you must have a reasonable window of time in which to perform your work. We, as a General Contractor, understand this.

We also understand the burden payroll places on any firm, large or small. The extension of cash required to support labor and material two months or more can be horrendous and often the cause of accentuating problems and preventing obvious closure to others. FDC will address these problems and do everything we can to make sure you are paid as promptly as possible.

We believe strongly in the truth and open communication. The sooner we know about your problems, the sooner we can help . . . . And that works both ways.  If we have a problem, we need to let the team know so modifications and adjustments can be made, and we can’t help you overcome your challenges if we don’t know about them.   We are a TEAM and can best handle both our problems, using open communication, as a TEAM, as there is absolutely nothing more important to the construction process than a team effort. We each must do our part to make the entire wheel roll and every voice is important.   Honesty and respect are owed to every team member and are the foundation for such collaboration. 

We are grateful for the tremendous following from our subcontractors, who show loyalty and their desire to work with us again.   We have twice been voted as General Contractor of the Year by the subcontract community.    When considering the competition in North Texas for this honor and that the subcontractors actually vote/select the recipient, this award speaks volumes as to the real day to day authenticity and consistency of our approach.  We continually strive to earn that respect and support of our sub following, and endeavor to always be fair.

We welcome you to join our team and enter into this partnership approach as we believe it to be mutually beneficial and the best way to work.  Please complete the form below or drop by to see us at 250 Bank Street, Southlake, TX 76092.

Again, thank you for your time in learning a little more about FDC.

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