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The Park Place Motors projects were a combination of two Make-Ready Buildings and the Lexus Pre-Owned Office Building.  The Lexus Pre-Owned Building was a phased project due to the need to continue business operations in the existing structure (which was later demolished) inches away from the new building.  The new construction consists of Slab on Grade, Conventional Steel wrapped in EFIS, and tying into the existing operating facility.  All construction required a seamless transition in to the existing exterior façade.  Inside, the high-end finishes make this office building an excellent office for a top-of-the-line luxury vehicle dealership. The Grapevine Make Ready Building was a ground up, CMU, 14 car bay garage with associated parking.  The Fort Worth Make Ready Building was a ground up extension to an existing structure, CMU, 4 car bay wrapped in EFIS to match and two parking lot additions.  The extension was completed while operations continued in the existing garage.

Location: Plano, Grapevine, Fort Worth, TX
Size: 15,300 sq. ft.

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