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Timarron Country club is an existing facility that FDC gutted, added structure and remodeled.  The interior portion of the renovation included a media room, a new bar, dining rooms, kitchen/prep areas, bank restrooms and common areas totaling 8,000sf.  The elevated, stamped and integrally colored concrete Balcony is a new addition and required significant re-routing of existing utilities to accommodate the installation of the structural pilasters and radius stair footings.  The A/V portion of the project included a system capable of controlling a dozen video displays and the sound system.  Additional HVAC, Electrical and Dry System Fire Suppression were needed.  The completion of the project was time critical as we had to complete the project in 90 days for a reserved wedding date at the facility.

Location: Southlake, TX
Size: 8,000 sq. ft.

Architect: CCI
Delivery Method: Competitive Select Bid

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