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This project consists of a two story 70,000 square foot conventional steel structure. The upper level is designed as office space and the lower level is set-up as storefront retail. There are also common lobby and mail service areas to support the tenants. To combat the expansive soils, the building was designed and built with a structural void form foundation. The exterior is a natural stone and stucco with EIFS cornice details. The roof is a 60 mil TPO membrane and houses the three 50 Ton VFD units that supply refrigerated air to the second level office areas. The façade is also adorned with architectural aluminum accent panels and custom louvered aluminum ‘eyebrow’ canopies. FDC has had the opportunity to complete several of the tenant finish out projects in the building.

Location: Lewisville, TX
Size: 70,000 SQFT

Architect: Buehler Guest Owners/JPRA Architects
Owner: Confidential

Delivery Method: Negotiated GMP

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